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Known for his creative, expressive playing, deep grooves and total commitment to “serving the song and supporting the artist,” New York drummer/percussionist/producer Todd Turkisher has been a powerful rhythmic presence on the stage and in the studio for more than 35 years.
With credits that span pop, jazz, rock, and avant-garde, Todd has been called upon by some of the most respected and influential musicians in the business.  He’s recorded and/or toured with a diverse range of artists, including David Byrne, Ute Lemper, Baba Olatunji, Steve Vai, Sara K, Wayne Krantz, Dave Tronzo, Michael Urbaniak,  Randy Brecker, Randy Coven, Carmen Lundy, Selena, Michael Omartian, Nanette Natel, Ratzo Harris, Vinicius Cantuaria, Mitchell Froom, Elliot Scheiner, Arto Lindsey, Tchad Blake, Susan Rogers, Larry Coryell, Paul Socolow, The Coasters, Little Anthony, Jon Herington, Gil Goldstein, Michael Leonhardt, and Out Of The Grey.
On the road, Todd has played some of the world’s most revered concert halls, opera houses and theaters, and has performed on network television shows, at international jazz festivals, and with such celebrated orchestras as the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra.
Todd is equally comfortable behind the mixing board, having produced countless recordings for other artists, side projects and corporate clients.
Currently, Todd is performing around the world and producing/co-writing with his life partner, internationally renowned artist Ute Lemper, with whom he lives in NYC with their children.

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